Since Apple announced iPhone 4 people have been talking about the next generation phone iPhone 5. People though it will be introduced in the market soon but this did not happen. It was thought because iPhone 4 when launched had some problems in it and was not a perfect smartphone. Apple had to recall a lot of phones due to this problem. But soon Apple managed to clarify this issue and iPhone 4 which people thought was a failure turned out to be a successful phone.

Nokia had been producing commercial and some military mobile 2 way radio communication technology since the 1960s. In May 2008, Nokia announced on their annual stockholder meeting that they want to shift to the Internet business as a whole. Nokia no longer wants to be seen as the telephone company. Google, Apple and Microsoft are not seen as natural competition for their new image but they are considered as major important players to deal with. Nokia 8820 Phone is better than other Nokia cell phone even though there is no diamond on it. It's more smooth, thin and simple. People prefer the simple one when they see more complex cell phones. The Nokia 8820 concept phone seems to have a nice elegant touch to its slim slider design and luminous keypad.

Consignment Shops - No, I don't mean thrift stores or the local communication equipment or Goodwill. Consignment shops have a variety of items that are in great condition; sometimes even brand new, but never worn. If you look around your local area, there is sure to be a consignment shop close by.

Even seeing the motorola Xoom in its box from a distance was enough to be spine tingling. However, the fact that the device costs $800 may not make a lot of spines tingle this week. What do you think? Are there any readers here who plan to buy a Motorola Xoom this week?

To test the new F4U-5's above 40,000 ft., our pilots needed hard hats, pressurized cockpits, and ejection seats. Ironically for three to four months in we radio communication had none of those three necessities!

We attract those who want to use us and brag about it, when we dress immodestly, as I have heard so many guys broadcast over and over. There is nothing wrong with having a good physique or figure. But "If you have it-flaunt it," is not thinking Christianly at all. Even Muslims who are covered from head to toe are recognized in that culture when they have beauty or not.